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The Jubilee Expedition - The Story

I recently completed a live lecture for my project sponsor CyberPhoto. It is about the Jubilee Expedition - an expedition and climate crisis advocacy adventure that my team and I completed on Svalbard in 2022. Join the lecture for an hour of landscape photography, expedition stories and fun!

The expedition is a recreation of a historical expedition:

150 years apart but connected through the ages!

On 4 July 1872 Professor A.E. Nordenskiöld and his team set off from Gothenburg, Sweden towards Svalbard. After spending a challenging winter in Svalbard the team set off on the 6th of May to attempt to be the first team to ever reach the North Pole. The attempt to reach the North Pole was abandoned on 17th of May and the team became the first to explore North East Land instead.

Now, 150 years later, a science expedition team has followed in the same path as of professor Nordenskiöld to research and document the changing climate in the Arctic. Will it even be possible to retrace his footsteps? Join us in 2024 as we start communicating about the project!


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