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Jonas Paurell

Jonas Paurell is a tried and tested explorer, conservation photographer, workshop leader, International Mountain Leader (UIMLA certified), filmmaker and speaker. Travelling throughout the year to some of the most remote places on Earth, Paurell works to capture stories that promotes the preservation of wild places.


He is best known for images of powerful remote landscapes and wild animals. Paurell works in both monochrome and colour photography, dedicating his monochrome images for artistic work and his colour images for conservation storytelling. Paurell has worked extensively in areas as diverse as the Arctic, with multiple expeditions to remote areas of Greenland, Svalbard and Arctic Scandinavia, and South American rainforests, with expeditions into the severely threatened Chocó and Amazon, both important biodiversity hotspots.


Paurell is the founder of Terra Photography, a global photography workshop operator. In 2022 he founded The Jubilee Expedition, an ambitious multi-platform project seeking to recreate the historical Swedish Polar Expedition of 1872 to highlight the rapid melting of the Arctic. The project will result in a feature length documentary film, a photography exhibition, and a book with public release in 2023.


Before dedicating his life to telling stories through the lens of a camera, Paurell was the founder and CEO of Simbi Capital, a corporate strategy firm specialising in supporting socially responsible enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa. Early in his career, he also worked as a lawyer for the United Nations.


Alongside his work, Paurell have had the honour to serve as a board member of Project Playground, an NGO working to promote the Rights of the Child and of Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International, an NGO working to strengthen democracy. 

Instagram: @jonaspaurell 

Twitter: @jonaspaurell



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