My name is Jonas Paurell and I am a photographer, UIMLA Mountain Leader and filmmaker.
I grew up in between a great forest (at least it was great for a child) and the vast sea in Sweden. I spent my entire childhood running in the forest, climbing cliffs, cycling and painting.
At the age of 13, when my dad gave me my first camera (a Pentax Program A from around 1984) and I subsequently shot a terrible series of still life pictures of a squashed banana, I knew that I had found my passion in the pursuit of creative expressions in 35mm, medium format and digital photography.

It has now taken well over 20 years to hone my photography skills from images of a squashed banana to something that I am proud of.

Way back, in my student days, I worked as a freelance photographer in the evenings mainly covering rock concerts, my spare days were spent working for Fujifilm and my summers working for retailer Scandinavian Photo (in the glorious 2000s when Canon Ixus with its 4MP was the hottest item). At some point, I also had the honour to serve as the president for Uppsala University Photo Society.
However, it wasn't until 2016 that working with a camera became my profession as I started working commercially and also teaching photography workshops. Before this, ran my own corporate strategy firm specialising in growth and turn-around scenarios in Africa, and before that, I was a lawyer for the United Nations.

Terra Photography Expeditions

My wife, Veronica, and I launched Terra Photography Expeditions with the idea that we would take people on expeditions to hard to reach places and show them the true beauty of our world whilst also photographing it.
It is my photography background together with my years in corporate strategy and 5 years working as a mentor in strategic management for Nottingham University Ningbo MBA programme that made me realise that I love teaching and helping people to evolve. Terra Photography Expeditions is the place where my passion for teaching and photography merges with dreams of sharing explorations of faraway places with other likeminded people. 

Our Epic World

2018 marked a milestone in my life as I initiated the biggest creative project of my life by filming the first instalment of "Our Epic World" series. Through a series of documentaries, I intend to tell nature's story through the lens of adventure to appeal to the next generation. The first documentary will be released in mid to late 2019.

UIMLA International Mountain Leader

I am a UIMLA Mountain Leader and I hold a QNUK Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid.

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