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Expedition photography - how to photograph in extreme conditions!

As part of my 4 part lecture series for my project sponsor CyberPhoto, I recently gave a lecture on the topic Expedition Photography - Photography in Extreme Conditions.

The first lecture was about Conservation Photography for Nature Photographers (in Swedish) LINK, the second about The Jubilee Expedition (LINK), and now, in this lecture, we get into the technical aspects of photography under (very) complicated and varying conditions. AS you may know, I have extensive experience of working as a photographer on expeditions both in extreme cold in the Arctic and in warm climates with high humidity, e.g. Amazon rainforest. Cold, heat, humidity, snow, rain, dust, lack of easy charging options and backup mean that planning and well-established working methods are critically important to be able to work efficiently.

During the lecture, I discuss photo techniques for landscapes, wildlife and portraits, as well how to treat storytelling in these areas of photography. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the opportunities when you're out and about or on an expedition - so how do you choose what to photograph?

What camera should you bring on different types of adventures, and perhaps more importantly...what lenses? What accessories are absolutely necessary? We will talk zooms, primes, filters, bags, waterproof bags, tripods, sensor and lens cleaning, and charging with both solar cells and power banks.

The lecture is guaranteed to deliver important information for all photographers who love to travel with camera in hand - whether it's on family vacations, wilderness hikes or larger expeditions. Come prepared to get lots of tips on how to maximize your photo opportunities and come home with great photos!


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